What is the EIHBA?

Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association was formed in 1974 to help promote the American Dream of home ownership in our community. Our mission is to provide our members and the community with services that help with development of the Building industry as a whole.

We are a non-profit association chartered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). EIHBA is a self-regulatory organization, a watchdog advocate for the building industry, providing a line of communication for the members and the community. We are also involved in community fundraisers and donations. EIHBA strives to promote quality building practices, standards, and ethics. EIHBA endeavors to benefit the community and the industry through government interaction, education, and promotion of economic growth.

Why Be a Member of an Association?

Associations can serve many functions, depending on what you intend to get out of it. Some join associations because of the networking and cross referral of business. Some join associations because of the special training programs, advertisement, and discounts that the association offers.

These are great benefits of joining, but the true focus of any association should be to better the industry as a whole. When your industry benefits, you benefit, the consumer benefits, and the economy benefits. If you are a construction professional or in a business that is affected by the building industry, membership in the Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association will help you market your services while strengthening the local building community.

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